Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Installing A Modern Fireplace In Your Home To Complete Major Renovation

by Leslie Turner

There are a lot of choices when it comes to fireplaces to add to your home renovations. There are options like inserts that can give your home renovations the look you want for modern fireplaces. These can be gas, alcohol, or wood-burning fireplaces with starters. Here is some information you can use for your renovations with the addition of a modern fireplace.

Conventional Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are a common choice for new homes and renovations. This is because they are affordable and offer many solutions for the design of the fireplace you have installed in your home. Some options for gas fireplace inserts include:

  • Vented gas fireplace inserts
  • Ventless natural gas inserts
  • Propane gas fireplace inserts (available in ventless and vented models)

The gas inserts can also be ignitors that allow you to use firewood like a wood-burning fireplace. You can also talk to your installer about retrofitting an existing fireplace. They can install a new flue pipe and retrofit the hearth with a gas ignitor system.

Alcohol Fireplaces

Another option for a modern fireplace is to use an alcohol system. The alcohol fireplace inserts can also come in traditional or more modern designs. Some of the options for alcohol inserts that have a more modern design include:

  • Inserts with glass and polished finishes
  • Unique designs with alcohol insert flames
  • Contemporary inserts to install as room centerpieces

When installing an alcohol fireplace insert, you are going to have to make sure you store the fuel properly. You may want to get advice from the installer about safe storage and using ethanol fuels. These are clean burning systems that are easy to use and maintain.

Wood-Burning Inserts

Today, modern inserts can also be wood-burning fireplaces. The wood-burning inserts come in a variety of designs. There are also different options for the materials of wood-burning inserts, including:

  • Conventional inserts with reflective brick panels
  • Modern inserts with glass features
  • Cast-iron inserts

The cast-iron wood-burning inserts give you a durable option for a real fireplace. In addition, the wood-burning iron inserts also last for years with very few problems. Cast-iron fireplace inserts are great for a practical solution with a more traditional style to add to your home renovations.

There are also options to retrofit older fireplaces to update them with a modern look and equipment. Reach out to a fireplace installation service in your area to discuss the options to complete your home renovations.


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