Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Roof Remodeling With New Materials To Make Over Your Home With A Premium Look

by Leslie Turner

If you are planning on installing new roofing, there are many options for remodeling and replacing asphalt shingles with new materials. You may want to improve the roof design and use materials like a shake or metal roofing. Using the following information will help with remodeling when installing a new roof:

Drawings of the Existing Roof

The best way to design the new roof is to draw the existing roof structure and elevations. These drawings can then be used for many different features of your new roof. Things that you will be able to use the existing roof drawings for include:

  • Identifying areas that cause problems
  • Finding the best solutions to improve the roof design
  • Adding new features and details to the roof elevations

The drawings can be made by you or the roofing contractor to give you an idea of what needs to be done. If you are making extensive changes, you may want to have professional drawings made. Drafting services can create drawings of the existing roof and of the changes you are planning.

Changes for the New Roof

There may also be many changes that you want to make when you have new roofing installed. You should assess the existing roof to determine where changes are needed. Some of the roof changes that you may want to make include:

  • Removing water traps
  • Improving watershed to reduce shingle wear
  • Adding new architectural features

The changes that you are planning on making to the roof may be practical features to improve the design. Some of these changes can include architectural features to add details and give your home a more custom design.

Architectural Features for the Roof Design

Architectural features can be added to enhance the design of your roof. There are many options to add details to your roof when remodeling it, including:

  • Adding cables and hips
  • Adding dormers (doghouse roofs with windows)
  • Adding eyebrows and roof skirts (small roof structures on gables and walls)

The architectural features will enhance the appearance of your home and provide solutions like covered areas for a front porch or deck.

Roofing Materials for Roof Remodels

Roofing materials are also important choices you need to make. Today, there are alternatives to asphalt shingles that can enhance the appearance and longevity of your roof. Some of the options to consider for asphalt shingle alternatives to update your roof include:

  • Standing seam metal roofing
  • Synthetic and composite tiles
  • Shake roofing materials

The premium materials are a good choice to replace the worn asphalt shingles with long-lasting roofing. Options like metal roofing are also a storm-resistant solution to replace old asphalt shingles.

Installing a new roof can be an opportunity to enhance the design of your home with a custom look. Contact a residential roofing contractor to discuss these options.


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