Improving Your Business

Improving Your Business

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Commercial Roof Replacement

by Leslie Turner

If you own a commercial building or industrial plant, it's important to ensure the optimum functionality of your roofing system. The roofing over your business building or warehouse is more complex than your residential roof. You need commercial roof replacement services if you notice signs of wear or tear. Indeed, commercial roof systems secure your property and inventory. At times, you should consider replacing them, especially when repairs are no longer viable. When you decide to replace a large-scale roofing system, it helps to know the variables that determine such a decision. Here are cost factors that influence a commercial roof replacement project.

Roof Size

No two commercial buildings are the same. However, the size of the roof in question determines the cost of replacement. A reliable commercial roofer will inspect your building to verify its size in square footage. The roofer computes a quote using these measurements. The bigger the roof size, the more it will cost to replace. A smaller roof will cost less. The total commercial roof replacement cost is dependent on the materials you'll choose.

Roofing Material Used

The materials you select for your commercial roof replacement directly affect the overall cost. Different commercial roofing materials come with varied price tags. Whether you choose metal, PVC, or engineered roof membranes, you must check their prices upfront. You need to liaise with a commercial roofer to understand the cost benefits of each material.

Roof Access

Are commercial roofers having a difficult time accessing the roof you want to replace? If so, you'll end up paying more. A commercial roof that presents access challenges might require the use of special gear and safety equipment. If you have an industrial complex with a high roof, getting materials up there will force the roofers to add extras to your invoice. If there are property access issues and your personnel is working as the roof gets replaced, your roofing contractor will require more safety measures and it could drive up the cost.

Extent of Damage

Your reason for replacing the commercial roof can determine the replacement costs. If you're replacing a metal roof due to storm damage, your roofer will assess the extent of the damage to determine the actual cost. If the damage is minimal, the roofer will suggest a touch-up and it can cost less. In some cases, it's better to replace the entire roof if the damage affects a lot of roof's square footage. You must engage a commercial roof replacement service to guide you.

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